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A Demonologist, is someone who has completed primary research within the field of demonology and has accepted their calling to devote their lives to the study of demonology and assisting others with Demonic Attack. Our S.W.A.T. Team of Demonologists & Clergy assist Paranormal Teams & Clients with Demonic Infestation & Possession. We cover all areas, so email us the details of your case and we will assign a S.W.A.T. Team member to work with you. Our mission is to help home owners and paranormal groups who who are directly involved with demonic infestation cases or who have questions regarding demonic infestation. Contact Us for assistance.

As of April, 2012 Angela Ashton, founder of Paranormal S.W.A.T. is retiring after 15 years in Demonology. She is therefore closing down Paranormal S.W.A.T. operations; However, our team Clergy, the I.C.A.O.E (International Catholic Association of Exorcists) will continue to take on cases of Demonic Possession separately. Contact Father Biery direct for any cases which are in need of an Exorcist. Thank you.


Angela Ashton
David Biery
Isaac Kramer
Chris Vinson
Keith & Sandra Johnson
Carl Johnson
Tommy Golden
Travy Bacon
Rick Cassidy
James Collier
Tony Bryant

Demonologists for this group may be appointed by our S.W.A.T. Team Board or the Church (Priests / Bishops) to assist with demonic activity. A Lay Demonologist is NOT the same thing as Clergy and does not perform exorcisms in our group (a Religious Demonologist can be sanctioned by the Church to do so). Our S.W.A.T. Demonologists work with clergy to have exorcism performed if needed. We have a p...artnership with the Paranormal Priests & Bishops that belong to our S.W.A.T. Team; along with members of the International Catholic Association of Exorcists.

Please note that our Demonologists and Investigators also operate within their own teams separate from the Paranormal S.W.A.T. Therefore these individuals may handle cases that Paranormal S.W.A.T. is not involved with. The only time the case belongs to Paranormal S.W.A.T. is if the case file was given to our team direct, accepted by our board and worked with tour team as a group. In which case, we will have it logged in our case files, with a Paranormal S.W.A.T. Case# of Record with the Client. Paranormal S.W.A.T. holds no responsibility or liability for cases we do not own as a team. Paranormal S.W.A.T. holds the expressed right to deny any case presented to our team. Paranormal S.W.A.T. also holds the expressed right to close any case file where the client is not following our protocol for resolving the issue. All case files remain completely confidential.

Send all case requests via S.W.A.T. Email. Any other form of contact will not be accepted due to the number of cases & phone calls we receive. Due to the overwhelming amount of case emails we receive daily, we are not able to get to them all as quickly as we'd like to. Since Paranormal S.W.A.T. is no longer taking on Demonic case files, please contact the I.C.A.O.E. direct. Thank you for your understanding. Registered & Protected
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